About Me

Hello friends!

My name is Gabrielle R. Pollack and I’m a seventeen-year-old  girl who likes pizza, writing, and being overly sarcastic. I live on one of Ohio’s hills and spend my time regretting being a Senior, hanging with my friends, and surprising myself with my own awesomeness (and humbleness 🙂 ). I’m an archer, an avid reader, and a follower of God.

What you’ll find on this blog:

I generally post photos and  share life experiences. I also like to write fiction, so an occasional short story or two will end up on my main page.

To start off…

If you just found this blog, here are some of my favorite posts to get you started:

You’ll find most of my other posts in the Archives.


Thanks for reading!

Gabrielle R. Pollack (the Great Rising Puzzlement)



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