I Was Not Eaten By Whales (My Trip to New Hampshire)

Hey guys!

My family likes to travel. We’ve visited almost all fifty states. Now that my sister and I are older, however, our epic journeys are coming to a close, thanks to college and adulting. My family wanted to fit in at least one last hurrah, so we decided to head out to New Hampshire.
Mind you, I didn’t remember New Hampshire from our previous trip, excluding a few details. I didn’t know where we were going. I didn’t know what we’d be doing, other than whale watching and hiking. Despite my lack of knowledge, I gladly jumped in the car for the fifteen (and a half) hour drive, ready for an adventure with my family.

Get ready for a flood of pictures.

Day 1 (Sunday): Five Hours of Parvin Blackwater

After church and two grad parties, my family packed the car and headed out.Read More »

Spider-Man, MBTI, And What Would Happen to Me During the Apocalypse.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight….

Wow. That is a long title.

I am slightly fascinated by personality types. I took a test a while back and its accuracy freaked me out. Thanks to that test I’ve realized a bunch about myself that I’ve never considered.

Many of my writing buddies over on the KP (Kingdom Pen) forum like the MBTI (Myer-Briggs Type Indicator) stuff too, so they encourage my obsession.

I’ve reached a point where I not only want to read about my personality, but I now want other people to take the test. One long car ride to my grandpa’s house I made my mother take it, then proceeded to look up famous characters with the same personality. It wasn’t long before I was looking for characters with my personality.

I really enjoyed it. I think I drove my family crazy.Read More »

The Day I Faked on Public Television

Hello all!

You’ve probably guessed that this article has something to do with public television. And me.
It does. But to get to that point, I need to set a few things up.

The Premise

I’ve mentioned somewhere in my previous posts that I had the privilege of taking a few classes at Cedarville University. One of my classes, in it’s most basic sense, was an art class. It was a great class.

In this class I had a teacher (no really). This teacher was asked to be on a ThinkTV art program. Cool right? I thought so.

My teacher then informed the class that ThinkTV wanted to film her in one of her classes. She chose my class for this filming and asked us if we would be attending that day.

At first I wasn’t sure what to think about the idea. It would be weird, sitting in art class doing artsy things with a camera hovering nearby. After thinking it over for a bit, I decided it couldn’t be that bad. It was just a camera, and I didn’t have to do anything special.

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Birthday Parties, Balloons, And Fire: Part 2 (A Sam Short Story)

I finally finished it! *wild applause* I hope you enjoy the second part of Birthday Parties, Balloons, and Fire!

Note: The first part of Birthday Parties, Balloons, and Fire can be found here.

The balloon shot out from under my foot. I flew backward, slamming into the stove.

Brittney screamed and dropped her pizza.

OWWW!  Pain jolted my backside as I plopped onto the tile.

“Oh my gosh, Sam are you ok?”

I dragged myself up by whatever part of the oven I could grab. “Yea, I’m good.” I leaned on the oven handle, trying to look natural, my backside throbbing from the floor spanking. I glanced toward the door, looking for the green balloon. It was nowhere in sight. The coward must have escaped.

“Are you sure?” Brittney asked.


She looked at me sideways. I grinned reassuringly. It came out as a pained grimace, but Brittney looked satisfied.

She bent down to pick up her pizza. The sauce had splattered all over the tile.             Impressive Sam. You not only make a mess wherever you go, but you cause other people to make messes too. Skills.

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My 12 Somethings For the Month of April

Hey guys!

The second half of my Sam story is giving me trouble, so I fear it will have to wait a day or two before making it’s appearance. Better late than horrible, right?

Since we’re coming to the end of another month, I think it’s a good time to share my Somethings.

Something Fun

I was in a play! Peter Pan Jr. to be exact. I was none other than Tiger Lily, Princess of the Island! ALL MUST BOW BEFORE ME!Read More »

Birthday Parties, Balloons, and Fire: Part one (A Sam Short Story)

Note: This Sam story was referenced in Doom, Glitter, and IPhones, and therefore takes place before that story

Samantha shut the fridge and stared at me like I had three heads.

“No you didn’t.”

I sighed. Why couldn’t she leave me alone? These algebra problems can’t solve themselves. “It’s true.”


My pencil hovered over the next problem. “Yes.”

Samantha skipped back into the kitchen. “I don’t believe you.”

I chewed on the eraser. “Didn’t mom tell you?”

“She said there’d been an accident. For heaven’s sake, it was a surprise birthday party. How on earth did you manage to set the house on fire?”

I set the pencil down and stared across the table at my little brother Eli, wanting to share my exasperated gaze with him. He ignored me and leaned over in his high chair, staring expectantly at Samantha. Of course a six month old didn’t care about finishing his algebra homework. He didn’t need to worry about his sister’s interruptions or about finding a job because he lit the house on fire and had to pay for repairs.

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